Awarded Best Dental Practice Team and Best Young Dentist

Awarded Best Dental Practice Team and Best Young Dentist

Confident Dental Practice won the Best Dental Practice Team and the Best Young Dentist at the Dentistry Awards 2007. Since then, Confident have continued to develop the levels of service they provide.

Confident Dental – Raynes Park Cosmetic Dentist

Confident Dental - Raynes Park Cosmetic Dentist

Confident Dental is your local cosmetic dentistry practice. Situated in Raynes Park, Confident Dental attracts patients from all over south west London, including Wimbledon, Richmond and Kingston.

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Smile Makeovers

Confident dental practice has expert cosmetic dentists skilled in providing dental patients with smile makeovers so that they can flash a model smile with lovely white, perfectly aligned and even teeth. Besides, a smile makeover … View Details >>


Good oral hygiene habits are the cornerstone to good oral health and should be adopted as part of your daily routine from a young ages – however, it is never too late to start! A … View Details >>

Invisible Braces

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of almost invisible, removable aligners that are changed every two weeks for another set of aligners. Each aligner is personalised and manufactured for your teeth alone. Each aligner will … View Details >>

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a permanent solution for missing teeth and Confident Dental Practice offers a range of affordable dental implants solutions. A dental implant is a small titanium rod which is placed into the jaw … View Details >>

Teeth Whitening

Confident Dental is proud to offer you the newest and most advanced professional teeth whitening. Teeth Whitening with Zoom! Whether you want your teeth whiter right now or over a few nights while you sleep, … View Details >>

Nervous Patients

Many patients are terrified of visiting the dentist for a regular check up, never mind treatment of any length. At Confident Dental Practice, we understand that dentists can be quite scary, and so we have … View Details >>