Root Canal

When most people think of root canal, they think of unbearable pain and a dentist with a drill big enough to re-create the Channel Tunnel. In reality, root canal treatment can be a lot more simple, and certainly a lot less painful than you might initially think.

Root canal treatment may be needed when a cavity or tooth damage leaves the nerve root of the tooth exposed. In these situations, the nerve exposure can cause sever pain, and if left untreated, the tooth would eventually die and would have to be extracted.

Root canal treatment allows, in the majority of cases, for the tooth to be saved which for most people is preferable over an extraction. It is also a much simpler (and cheaper) treatment than an extraction and crown or implant.

A step by step diagram showing the process of root canal treatment.

Our dentists are skilled at performing Root Canal treatment and in the majority of cases can save the tooth.

If you are currently experiencing significant tooth pain, caused by either decay or injury, you may benefit from root canal treatment.

Still worried about the treatment? Ask us about our sedation treatment which is available for nervous patients.

Unsure which treatment will be most suitable for you?

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