Nervous Patients

Many patients are terrified of visiting the dentist for a regular check up, never mind treatment of any length. At Confident Dental Practice, we understand that dentists can be quite scary, and so we have become experienced at working with nervous patients with various means of sedation treatment.

Our sedation process uses medication to put our patients into a very relaxed, dreamlike state whilst our dentists conduct your treatment. This means that, whilst you are aware of your surroundings, you are relaxed and don’t experience the stress and anxiety that can accompany dental treatments.

With sedation, surgery can be easier to perform. This means more treatment in each session, reducing the number of sessions needed to carry out a course of treatment.

If you have a dental phobia, no matter how severe, sedation dentistry is an ideal solution.

For those of you with a less severe phobia, we also offer hypnosis. Dental Hypnosis does not involve your dentist dangling a pocket watch in front of your eyes until you fall asleep. Instead, our dentists are able to help you relax without the necessity for medication.

Our dentists are all experienced at working with sedation treatment. If you want to understand more about how this can help you overcome your fear of dentists, contact us.

Unsure which treatment will be most suitable for you?

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