Dental Crowns and BridgesA dental crown is an artificial tooth that fits over a cracked or broken natural tooth. Crowns are used when a tooth is missing or damaged and help restore a person’s smile making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Dental crowns are constructed in a laboratory and can be made from metal, usually gold or ceramic materials such as porcelain or a combination of both. However, more commonly, crowns are made in a way to match a patients existing teeth restoring a natural smile.

Dental crowns can be secured in a number of ways:

– Dental Cement which involves your dentist cementing the crown to a prepared tooth.

– Implant retained crowns which is the most permanent method of crown fixation.

– Dental bridge which can be fixed using either cement or implants.

Crowns are a great treatment to help restore your smile to its original glory.

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